Top 100 In Finance

CFSI is pleased to announce that CEO Brian Mingham has been added to The Top 100 Magazine’s 2018 Top 100 People in Finance.

Wisdom From CFSI CEO

Since founding the firm in 2012, Mr. Mingham has transformed CFSI to a leading nationwinde construction risk mitigation firm by creating key strategies and hiring the best team in the space.

Myths About Construction Loan Management

A four-course meal at a five-star restaurant could certainly be broken down into its component parts and eaten à la carte.

The Top 100 Magazine (2019)

The staff of The Top 100 Magazine would like to express their gratitude for having the privilege of working with the brightest, most accomplished and esteemed professionals in the finance industry.

How to save your home in a wildfire!

Sometimes you meet the most interesting people on planes. One day a few weeks ago while traveling back to Los Angeles from a business trip I sat next to an ordinary guy, just like you and me.

The Risks of Fix & Flip Lending

When you are a lender in the residential fix and flip space, you get a lot of borrowers giving you details about the project they want you to fund. They tell you it is below market, an off market deal, a quick flip, only needs paint and carpet, a little TLC and it will sell for double.

Why Use a Funds Control Company?

This is a question we are asked every day! Why do I need to worry about the fund control process? My borrower can qualify and we have a bid to build the home so we can send the LO to inspect the property.

Construction Risk Mitigation

All of the services that CFSI offers work together to provide the best Construction Risk Mitigation service to our clients. Knowing that the contractor has the proper experience/licensing to complete a project leads to more confidence in the contractor’s budget/bid for a project.

Brian Mingham Discusses the Lifestyle of Becoming an Entrepreneur

"It is great to be self-employed. I enjoy having the ability to know I can do it. You challenge yourself every day to wake up and find another way to serve your clients and continue cross sell other new products and services.

Advice for First-Time Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re fresh out of college or looking to get out of the corporate world after years of working for others, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur can have incredible appeal. Becoming an entrepreneur may even be somewhat of a necessity given all of the downsizing and layoffs that have occurred in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

a Breakdown of Construction Loan Management

Construction loan management is a far more robust discipline than its name might suggest, encompassing everything from the assessment of a construction project’s feasibility and risk before its inception, to the complete management of the loan itself during the construction process.

IdeaMensch Interview with Brian Mingham

"I was working at JP Morgan Chase in their bulk servicing acquisitions group in 2009 when due to the recession they decided to close down that part of their business.

Why Loan Management is Crucial During Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lock downs have fundamentally changed the way people view their homes, especially as it pertains to their ability to work from home and generally be in their home for extended periods of time.

CEO of CFSI Brian Mingham on Risk Mitigation & Portfolio Management

Risk mitigation is most commonly associated with the construction of financial portfolios, but also plays a key role in business. In the latter context, it’s used to assess potential risks to project schedules, performance and cost, and to develop strategies to limit or counteract those risks.

Taking an Idea and Turning it Into a Business: With Brian Mingham

Every successful business venture starts with an innovative idea, and as you begin to formulate a concept, you will hopefully unravel a wide range of professional opportunities and partnerships.

Entrepreneur Brian Mingham Talks About Setting Up A Work Environment For Success

An entrepreneur is someone who takes action to create change in the world.

How To Run A Thriving Business During COVID-19

For many businesses, COVID-19 has been more than just an unprecedented public health crisis: it has been an unmitigated financial nightmare.