Brian Mingham

Brian Mingham is the Founder & CEO of CFSI Loan Management (CFSI), a leading nationwide construction risk mitigation firm.

Top 100 In Finance

CFSI is pleased to announce that CEO Brian Mingham has been added to The Top 100 Magazine’s 2018 Top 100 People in Finance.

Wisdom From CFSI CEO

Since founding the firm in 2012, Mr. Mingham has transformed CFSI to a leading nationwinde construction risk mitigation firm by creating key strategies and hiring the best team in the space.

Myths About Construction Loan Management

A four-course meal at a five-star restaurant could certainly be broken down into its component parts and eaten à la carte.

The Top 100 Magazine (2019)

The staff of The Top 100 Magazine would like to express their gratitude for having the privilege of working with the brightest, most accomplished and esteemed professionals in the finance industry.


Brian Mingham

Brian Mingham is a high-energy, results-oriented executive with proven experience in all aspects of start-ups and growth initiatives to create viable businesses. He has proven his ability to capitalize on market opportunities, driving revenue and profits, combining entrepreneurial vision with strong management, leadership, and relationship-building skills.

Brian Mingham

CFSI Loan Management helps lenders reduce risk related to construction projects nationwide. Our high touch, customer-centric approach allows lenders to concentrate on originating construction loans while CFSI manages the construction phase from beginning to end. From reviewing project feasibility, to confirming a contractor’s ability to complete a project, to managing the construction budget through the draw process, all the way until the project is complete and the loan is ready to roll to permanent financing, CFSI Loan Management is there and ready to lend our expertise in construction.

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